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Day 223 – While She’s Out

While she’s out having fun
I’ve been hired
to continue her poetic quest.

She wouldn’t want anyone to think
she’d ever given up,
that kissing boys or
playing pool
was more important
than this-
her literary master scheme.

By the looks of things, I gather
that we’re either due
for a poor attempt at inspiring the world,
painting “don’t give up” on their eyelids,
or a snarky criticism
of something moderately annoying.

She gets in these slumps sometimes
where it doesn’t actually seem so worthwhile
when there’s so much life to be lived out there
and still another poem to be written in here.

But she made a promise,
and that’s where I step in;
I haven’t any chops
but that’s alright, I guess-
she’s dangling by a thread anyways-
ten bucks an hour to fill in
while she’s out.


4 thoughts on “Day 223 – While She’s Out

  1. Your words deep and they are hiding you inside them. I think people who know you dont really know you, maybe you never let that someone out. Just making an assumption from your work.. 🙂

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