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Day 227 – I Don’t Know What They’re Saying About Poetry

I don’t know what they’re saying about poetry,
I can’t understand it.
I think they’re trying to run me off.

They want to tell me I can’t know what I’m saying
unless I know how I said it
and why I said it
and the repercussions of saying it
and who else may have said it
and in what way I have said it better
and in what ways I could say it better

because no one is perfect.

And this is why in high school
I never wrote any poetry-
all they wanted to do was talk about it.
And it’s why in college
I sludged my way through papers full of lies-
all they wanted to do was analyze it.

And this is why I keep going back
to the mundane crowds for sharing time-
although their heads may have been boiled in oil
’til they look like puckered burned q-tips
with eyes bulging out like uncomprehending fish,
at least they still believe they can feel.

I’m not going to win against academia,
because no one is perfect,
but I think when they throw me to the dogs,
when they spit my name in the wind,
if they bother to say their disparaging things,
I won’t mind because I won’t know
what they’re saying.

And if it happens to be good, it’ll be
an accident,
because I don’t know how to do
any of the things
they praise.

in Charles Bukowski,
because a lot of his stuff is crap
and a lot of it is feeling
stripped down

and they hate him
and they still put him in their anthologies
and they love him
and they still say their disparaging things

and I think I could confound them, too.


13 thoughts on “Day 227 – I Don’t Know What They’re Saying About Poetry

      • That’s what I like about him, he seems to know that it will mean something different to almost everyone, so why spoil the art by giving it a definition? That’s the nature of art, it speaks to you, personally.

  1. A tiny little while ago
    you “had not much” to say
    as I’ve been there
    more times than two
    my thought pleased to display
    the keep “it” ‘chived (*)
    no new arrive
    so continue on their way
    but their invite
    grinds ‘way the trite
    the better finds the door
    and lead you close
    to better posts
    so minds can create more
    (*Where “Davy Jones” keeps better thoughts= his “LOCKER”… ARRR-CHIVED!)
    This is one of my “days of”…

  2. Yep! very well put! Every person has their own perspective and opinion…and I am only now learning that it is exactly that…just their opinion! Changes nothing! But the feeling…well, that can change everything! And, for what its worth, I like your writing and the feelings you evoke! Way to go! ….and thank you for doing it…regardless! 🙂

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