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Day 228 – God Told Me To Wait

When my way blew up
into a million bits,
God told me to wait
this time
for someone who’s
“not horrible, I guess.”

He said I’ll know it
when I see it.

He sat me down
and warned me:
“It’s not going to be easy.
You may have to wait
long hours, even days
before you find one.”

My struggle is real.

But I trust that he knows
what’s best for me-
I need an average man
and that takes a little time.

(In the meantime I shall
learn to cook.)

And then, as instructed,
after enough time has gone by,
I shall jog around the block
in lipstick and heels
and He will help me choose,
from the scores which will amass,
the most mediocre one of all.

And for such patience
I shall be justly rewarded
God knows I can’t wait
for a real man.


7 thoughts on “Day 228 – God Told Me To Wait

  1. I laughed because I just get the impression that you’re a “fuck it” kinda person (from your work). Now whether I’m right or wrong is just pointless.

    What matters is what you believe, and for me, what matters is that I get to read some good poetry.


    • Right you are, my friend- I’m an avid lover of satire and if you continue to read my work as with an air of “pfff yeah right” then you’ll always be right on the money. Sometimes you can say more by saying the opposite of what you mean, and I do that quite often.

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