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Day 232 – Funny How That Happens

Funny how that happens,
that you can get to believing
you’re pretty interesting
because people generally
have told you so.

Ha ha.

Funny how sometimes
you can get to accepting
that you must be outstanding
because those around you generally
are not.


Funny that you can be wrong,
can come across a person
so interesting that you forget
how special you were,
and grow intimidated
but ever more curious.


Funny how you can let yourself
become vulnerable
for a chance to know this person
who’s caught your interest,

funny how most of the time
they think they’re too interesting,
too special for you

funny how you find their incuriosity
repellent, that they aren’t fascinated
by you, aren’t vastly absorbed,
and their disinterest makes you resentful,
makes you resolve that they just can’t see
how interesting and how special
you are.

Funny how nobody ever is
as interesting or special
as you are.

*tee hee*


11 thoughts on “Day 232 – Funny How That Happens

  1. I liked this. I didn’t at first… I thought you had somehow descended to writing crappy third-generation Facebook memes, even though there was no filtered stock photo behind it. By the second stanza though, I could see what you were doing and it was amazing. Thanks.

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