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Day 233 – Mini-Examples For Why

Them: “What are you doing tonight?”
Me: “Watching Frasier and eating pizza,
I obviously can’t go out.”

Them: “Want to come to this cool party?”
Me: “Will there be sufficient reading light?”

Her: “He’s looking over heeeere!”
Me: “He’s looking everywhere,
he’s got crazy eyes.”

Him: “Can I buy you a drink?”
Me: “I can’t, I have to pee so bad.”

Him: “You look really nice today.”
Me: “Your mom looks really nice today.”

Her: “Does he have a good butt?”
Me: “What? Oh gross. He has a big bookshelf.”

Her: “Maybe he doesn’t know you like him.”
Me: “But I wore a dress, what the heck!”

Them: “What are you doing over there in the corner?”
Me: “Writing a poem to explain myself.”
Them: “Oh. Ok.”


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