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Day 234 – Dandelions

Happiness is only a dandelion,
and the wish is not for me-
every seed dispersed
is a hope for someone else
because I have all I need.

Everywhere you can find dandelions
you’ll find a wish for free-
you can gather bouquets
and give them all away-
one bloom is all you need.

I have lived my life picking dandelions,
never knowing their worth-
I have wished them whirling
with heavy sighs
awaiting their return.

But a dandelion is its giving,
and happiness is its sowing-
when all your seeds
have been strewn out
they never will stop growing.


7 thoughts on “Day 234 – Dandelions

  1. Very nice — I thought a poem about dandilion would be reduced to abstraction, and except for these this line: “But a dandelion is its giving,” this poem stays rather concrete….nice work.

  2. Reblogged this on and commented:
    The beauty is of this poem is in the simplicity of the perception of the flower. What to many of us in our older-life is an irritating week, Charlotte turns to with the eyes of a child makes the Dandelion a thing of wonder and inspiration all over again. Enjoy!

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