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Day 235 – Not ‘Til I Saw It Again

If your life is a movie
played out in real-time,
I couldn’t see my part,
not ’til I saw it again.

The significance of hotel rooms
has gone bland and I
never want to again.

If I wasn’t sure what I was there for,
I know now;
I wonder whose replacement
I was.

And if I was sore about
not meaning much,
I’m content now,
worth being replaced.

No, I would not take my love
to any field where we have walked,
would not chance it to sour
in old scenery
or feel I’d cheated.

As young as I was, I could
never have known
that your life held a skip
in the reel,

and I couldn’t laugh,
couldn’t see my part-
not ’til I saw it again.


8 thoughts on “Day 235 – Not ‘Til I Saw It Again

  1. the times have blessed the “she” as grown
    of by one’s self though ne’er alone
    too many goldens strong light is shown
    yet more comes life so not bemoan

    WOW! this POEM could become Broadway platinum. Depth, feeling, truth, MATURITY. ALL the parts of longevity. AND, TEACHING.


  2. Lovely poems. After you’re through waxing words by determination, which certainly is teaching you how to give them a vocation… try writing for no reason: no promise, no expectation, no because-you-said-you-would, just your heart. And what you scribe will be your best then, for as Pascal says, “The heart has reasons that Reason cannot know.”

    • The only problem with that is that I get so busy that I tend to get clogged up with things swimming around in my brain with no time set aside to write, and things are inevitably lost or their imminence is diminished. And when I let myself write “whenever I feel like it”, I’ve noticed that I tend to not feel like it very often! 😉

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