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Day 237 – Pendulum

Words like candy, lost their meaning for you
in the quiet reserve of your heart,
when you listen for the truth as it flows along
to the piano that sings in your head

All you ever wanted was a friend in the stillness
’cause you’re young and awfully alone
and ten would come running if you lifted your head
but you know that it’s time to grow up

Fingers like chains clasped to lend you their strength,
turn your ready lips back to joy,
but the waters push out from your head to your hands
to make all the noise go away

All you ever wanted was to be left alone
’cause your words fall and break on the ground
and you’d sing if you had any breath left at all
to yourself, to the truth in your head

Hair like blood vessels, wet to your face,
sideways to watch the sun rise,
words like a pendulum, swinging to find a reason
to speak, to keep swinging, to sing


7 thoughts on “Day 237 – Pendulum

  1. do pardon my obtuseness
    you weren’t supposed to notice
    apologies found to useless
    your plea presented to heart’s SCOTUS

    There ARE days of the when finds no win.

  2. This is outstanding Ma’am; very brilliant. Upside Out Publishing and Good Morning Bedtime Story are in the process of conceiving an anthology of poetry and prose titled Home Grown Ghosts. I think this piece may well be a perfect fit. Consider submitting, or at least doing something with this piece, for it is truly excellent.

    • Lol, it figures that the poem about me not wanting to write anymore would be the one that people like.
      Thanks for the heads-up about that anthology though, I’m always looking for new places to submit. I’ll definitely check them out!

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