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Day 238 – Something’s Very Wrong

It’s like headphones left playing on a desk,
some pop star chipmunking from a strange little world,
giving her sexy best to whatever was once important,
and you can’t find the beat,
and you can’t understand a word,
and you just laugh.

Ruler of the universe,
everyone’s so blasé to you.

It’s like something’s very wrong and no one sees it,
no one notices your shoelaces untied, your untouched food,
no one ever asks you about it.
But you listen and you’re getting tired of listening.

Ruler of the universe,
everyone’s so blasé to you.

It’s like suddenly it’s you inside the headphones,
crooning your mournful best about whatever seems important,
until you realize there’s no one listening
and there’s no more reason to sing.

Ruler of the universe,
everything’s so quiet for you.


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