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Day 240 – Cringe-Worthy Early Work

The last thing anybody wants
is to be reminded of their
cringe-worthy early work.

Actually, the last thing
would probably be to hear
that somebody LIKES their
cringe-worthy early work.

Come to think of it, the last thing
would be to somehow be recognized,
to be made a fuss over for their
cringe-worthy early work.

On second thought, it would probably be
to actually have to go back into it,
re-read or edit or make a comment about their
cringe-worthy early work.

But I’m certain of this:
the absolute worst thing
you could make somebody do
is to defend themselves and their
cringe-worthy early work,
to have to pretend it was ever
more than what it was,
that it was ever anything more than
cringe-worthy early work.


7 thoughts on “Day 240 – Cringe-Worthy Early Work

  1. We all have early stuff that makes us wince and wonder what the heck we were thinking when we wrote it, but it’s also good to remember how far we’ve come since that “cringe-worthy early work.” 😉

  2. This reminds me of my ceramic teacher who said; “when visiting a friends home and seeing one of his early cups on the table…he wanted to go oops.

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