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Creed and Nickleback Frontmen to Collaborate on Album of Children’s Lullabies

Scott Stapp, of rock band Creed, and Chad Kroeger of Nickleback, lead singers to two of the world’s most despised bands, are reportedly attempting to redeem their reputations by collaborating on an album of children’s lullabies.

Producer Tony Def says the idea for the collaboration was a no-brainer. “These guys, Scott and Chad, they’re a perfect fit. I mean, not only are they great role models for kids, but their voices have that gruff, phlegm-y quality that children love. Kinda like Mufasa. Or pirates. Kids love pirates.”

Scott Stapp, fresh off his “Arms Wad Opan” tour, first approached producers with the idea after being inspired by his own children. “I sing to my kids all the time, it’s like magic. I usually only get about 10-15 seconds into “My Sacrifice” before they’re out like a light.”

Chad Kroeger returns to the music scene after a brief rough patch.  He served community service for a minor harassment charge in which several patrons of a local music store complained of being repeatedly commanded to “look at this photograph!” amid bouts of maniacal laughter. “It was a low point for me,” he admits. “The band was between movie soundtracks and nobody was paying attention to me or my hair anymore.”

But despite minor setbacks, the two singers have poured their hearts into their newest endeavor. Each came into the studio with over 85 finished songs, all radio and cereal commercial-worthy. The final product, whittled down to 12 songs, entitled “It’s Okay to be Mediocre”, delivers a powerful message to young ones about loving yourself and refusing to rise to anyone else’s artistic standards.

Early consumer reviews indicate that the album will sell favorably, most notably among parents of pre-teens, who were observed to have giant, sly grins on their faces. “Oh yes,” said one particularly mischievous-looking mother, “we’ll have plenty of use for this in our home if the chores don’t get done.”


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