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Day 246 – Goodbye, Blue Monday

I’m not saying it’s easy to get up in the morning
and be okay with a quiet smile,
with cold water instead of hot coffee,
and music and no warm body.

But I’m also not saying it’s some great leap
from here to there;
it’s no new sacrifice.

I’m not saying that things won’t have to change,
that there isn’t work to be done,
but as long as you’re pushing already,
changing directions ain’t a big deal.

I’m not saying ‘Goodbye, Blue Monday,”
but it’s kindof implied.


2 thoughts on “Day 246 – Goodbye, Blue Monday

  1. Hi Charlotte, thanks for the follow. I think your idea to write a poem every day for a year is very cool. It reminds me of that movie “Julie and Julia”.. similar project, but involving cooking 🙂 Good luck to you. Looking forward to reading your posts!

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