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Day 252 – Seasons Change

I have not noticed my leaves falling away,
yet suddenly I am bare.

Some road which I was speeding down
has turned a rougher path.

All the Kings who ever lived
could not have warned that I
was coming to this-

that who I am
is not

Asleep I shed my colors
but pretended I would wake
in safer palettes-

it has never happened
that I should be alive
except now, with the frost.

But to hold for unfelt spring;
it must be beautiful,
if it will come;
it must be soon.

To hold for unfelt spring,
it must be real.


2 thoughts on “Day 252 – Seasons Change

  1. The way I read this marvelous work, all I could see was “I – Am That Is, Will spring to Life once more.” The cyclical nature of Life itself and the motifs in this poem truly speak to me.

    If you for some crazy reason haven’t read Brian Jacques (not that his work has too terribly much to do with this poem, only on a broader level, perhaps), I recommend him most highly among authors, fiction novelists, and poets.


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