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Day 255 – Joy Of The Morning

He breathes me up out of respite into duty with joy,
the sunbeams charging through lace to announce
His victory for my unfolding day.

My cares are with Him now and I am blessed in His sight;
there is no more reminder of what I have been,
what mornings used to be.

For who but Him saw the despair of my heart,
the pain renewed with each rising sun?
Who but Him ever knew?

My stretching muscles sing a song of praise to Him alone
who has calmed my swirling seas and granted peace
throughout my days.

The books in the bed and my running shoes wait
patiently for my return, but He who soothes my spirit
comes along with me.


9 thoughts on “Day 255 – Joy Of The Morning

    • I have recently come back into the faith after years of absence, and now I seem to have the problem of all this joy I don’t know what to do with 😉 Hoping it doesn’t much affect my usual snarky writing, but we shall see.

      • haha. Don’t you worry about that. We all enjoy your writing. Glad you are a believer. It’s like adding an extra dimension to one’s life. Loved that piece you wrote. Godspeed

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