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Day 261 – Translucent, Irreverent Beasts

I don’t know if ‘poor creature’ is quite the phrase, really.
I’m not entirely sure that I should be laughing, either.

Does a spider feel bad for spinning a web?
But does a cat have to gloat for killing a mouse?

These translucent, irreverent beasts which feed
on the assumption that I am the average prey,

can I feel any pity for them?

If there’s a natural order and I’m first in line
for the slaughter, to be mounted on a shelf,

could I have any reason not to use
the claws and teeth given to me?

Or is it the heart which was also given
that should lead me to warn with just a scratch,

to whisper a threatening reproach
and gently unhinge the traps?


3 thoughts on “Day 261 – Translucent, Irreverent Beasts

  1. Hey Charlotte! Nice one, here. šŸ™‚ We just posted “Small Celebrations” on the blog, and added you to our blog roll. Good luck with the anthology, as well!

    Peace and love,

    The Editors

  2. You may never know.. Nature strikes… Looking at it we are amazed and call it a natural order, who knows what meant to created and what is created.. Who knows the experiment has all gone wrong for the God and that power regrets what it created on Earth…

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