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The Beginnings Of My First Anthology (!!!)

I have begun serious work on my first poetry anthology, scheduled to be released this summer! Scouring over almost 300 poems is no easy task :/ I know what my favorites are, but condensing them down to an appropriate chunk is proving difficult, not to mention the work of spit-shining them for publication. Blahhh. But I’m looking forward to such a daunting undertaking…

My question to you, loyal readers, is this: what are some of your favorites? Especially those of you who’ve been along for the ride with me for a while, are there any that stick out to you from the rest that you’d like to see included?

As always, feedback is much appreciated 🙂



27 thoughts on “The Beginnings Of My First Anthology (!!!)

  1. I don’t think my favorite thing was actually a poem, but it might have been. These things blend together in my memories. BUT! It was the story of the live readings of poetry and how you went there, then stopped and then went back. It sticks with me.

  2. Day 254 – Joy Of The Morning by Charlotte Cuevas

    ‪He breathes me up out of respite into duty with joy,

    the sunbeams charging through lace to announce

    His victory for my unfolding day.‬

    ‪My cares are with Him now and I am blessed in His sight;

    there is no more reminder of what I have been,

    what mornings used to be.‬

    ‪For who but Him saw the despair of my heart,

    the pain renewed with each rising sun?

    Who but Him ever knew?‬

    ‪My stretching muscles sing a song of praise to Him alone

    who has calmed my swirling seas and granted peace

    throughout my days.‬

    ‪The books in the bed and my running shoes wait

    patiently for my return, but He who soothes my spirit

    comes along with me.‬

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  4. lol! we have writing poetry since we were four! now we are almost sixty. yet another renaissance washed me up on a stylistically foreign shore. the czech say that when you learn a new language you get a new hart! corrollary: get a new muse discover a new voice. we rarely look backwards being too much interested in what it is we have not yet said as well as we are now able! glance in the rear view mirrors but keep your eyes on the narrowing road (current symphony theme!) …further up & further in…^^~~~~

  5. This is a really good idea … I am in the same position with my other site – trying to figure out how to pare down many pieces to a sufficient level to attempt an anthology. I appreciate your effort and look forward to the process.

  6. I went for a bit of a read to catch up on the other people, places and moments, along with the family/personal, work, writing and kids. the short list came to 44 for favourable spoken and read, I think… and in no order.

    99, 161, 167, 17, 64, 217, 218, 125, 199/200, 105, 250, 131, 100, 142, 244, 28, 270, 54, 259, 1, 26, 101, 268, 91, 3, 249, 24, 224, 95, 192, 254, 177, 77, 208, 149, 231, 11, 198, 213, 176, 103, 35, 153 & 26. Yeah, I cheated with 199 & 200, couldn’t separate them.. All the best with your own short listings, perhaps sort them into categories, genres and styles – and then work your short list magic from there on what stands out from the crowds.

  7. Hey Charlotte. Your latest project idea is great. You expressing your creativity has inspired me write a whole lot more. and that’s what I am doing. Thank you.

    I reckon you should create a table of all your titles…
    that would perhaps… help your readers vote their favourites…

    In the meantime I will think which of yours I enjoy the most.

  8. Hey, Thank you for stopping by my blog.
    I love your poems, very talented! I can’t wait to read more.
    Stay Blessed!x

  9. Good luck! I’m doing the same thing—one volume finished (but not out just yet) and another one in the works. It is indeed quite the process!

  10. I just started following you today… So I don’t have much to provide here. I lover your website! It is beautifully crafted and I am inspired by your idea of a poem a day for a whole year! I may start the endeavor myself in the future 🙂

    Good luck!

  11. At 80 I am a young person with a lot of experience. I just started to follow your blog. Simple recommendation: write, write and enjoy writing. At the end of the quarter see how many new followers you have. Best to you!

  12. Thanks for following my blog. Glad to see you’re a poet. I’ll have to apend some time reading ypur awesome poems. If you want any rips for selfpublishing, send me a message any time. Blessings!

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