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Day 263 – When You’re Young And Don’t Know Any Better

When you’re young
and don’t know any better,
you make plans.

You make these vast, flat,
outstretched plans
which reach for some horizon
you don’t really want
to see.

And you secretly hope
you never get there.

You save your pennies
and you go to school
and you try to pick something
that’ll be okay to do
for an undisclosed expanse
of life.

But you secretly hope
you get derailed.

You do everything you can
to stay ahead of the game
but you wonder if you’re
leaving a porch light on
just in case it all goes
to hell.

Sometimes you wish
it would.

And the joy of life comes
to your rescue:
a behemoth black-sailed
pirate ship, come to
kidnap and put you
to work.

And a monstrous storm
on top of that
wrecks the ship
and dumps you stranded
on the hot sands of some
foreign beach.

And all your lofty plans
are null.

You lift your hands
to the sky and plant your
feet on the ground and
prepare to start
all over.

And when you’re old enough
to know better,
the real adventure


12 thoughts on “Day 263 – When You’re Young And Don’t Know Any Better

  1. Thank you, dear C.

    To answer an earlier question; I hope this one makes the book. I`ve read many of your sensitive words, and within my tiny garden flowers could not have been painted more accurate. With a beating heart; perfectum!

  2. I am so glad that I came to your blog on this day. This poem, so seemingly simple in its clarity, speaks to real depths of feeling that so many of us have felt. It really articulated a very intangible thing. Beautiful.


    I’ve got pictures and sayings on the walls of my room to keep my spirit alive – this is going to join the others.

  4. I love letters strung together when they become words. I love words strung together when they become poetry.
    Blogging is like a gentle teacher who allows one to go at their own pace and experiment with the process. I wish I was a better writer and constantly strive to improve. While I strive, I appreciate the beauty and ease that others write with.
    Your poetry is quite lovely. I especially enjoyed this one because it’s written in a candid style that flows into the morning brain. You’ve taken a universal theme and made it unique with your beautiful words.
    ps I enjoyed your bio very much – the pearls, the coffee, the books!
    I wish you all the best with your anthology – how exciting πŸ™‚

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