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Day 288 – I Wonder

I wonder if it’s because you feel me
that you reach to touch
thin air.

I wonder if you roll over at night
half-awake, for hogging the blankets
when I’m not there.

I wonder if you know I’m leaving
at all-
if it’s only subconsciously
that your instincts react
to pull
but you don’t know why.

I wonder if some part of you panics
to sense that I’m already gone.

I wonder where you were
when I left.


5 thoughts on “Day 288 – I Wonder

  1. Reblogged this on and commented:
    The poignancy of “wondering” whether or not we make an impact on those people we were once so connected with speaks volumes in this piece. As much as we want to know that the other person is just as affected as we are, some part of us knows that the wish or hope is futile… otherwise they would still be there – right?

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