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Today Is My 25th Birthday!

It’s an incredibly weird feeling, turning from 24 to 25, like in one day everything has changed though nothing has. Suddenly life seems to take on a tone of immediacy, as if the sands themselves have just woken up and remembered they’re supposed to be slipping away- “It’s time to get moving, girl.”

The problem with that is that I have been moving, haven’t actually ever stopped moving since I was a kid. Good grades, scholarships, volunteering, college; working as a cashier, cook, waitress, bartender, substitute, babysitter, tutor, camp counselor, teacher, librarian; juggling relationships and family and pets and cars and apartments and dreams and writing through it all.

For me, though it certainly feels like the clock’s ticking a little faster, 25 is not a time to get going. 25 is a time to look around at where I am and see that it is blessed. It is a time to realize that those days I pushed for, the faraway days I held onto as a vision of the future I knew would someday come if only I worked hard enough- those days are here.

I have a tendency to sweep my latest achievement to the side in search of the next shiny new goal, but something about turning 25 stops me in my tracks and says, “Enjoy it.” These are the days when my means can finally support my dreams, but during which I am not yet faced with the responsibility of holding a family together. These are the days of peace I’ve earned which should not be marred with continuing, unnecessary struggle, but should serve to rejuvenate ambition with an ample dose of gratitude and humility. These days are precious and won’t last forever, I know.

As for you, dear reader, I hope to bring out my unfolding lessons in ways that will touch your heart or tickle your fancy for the remaining 75 days of my journey here. It’s tempting to want to showcase only my very best, but I think that as you continue with me down this path you will see the beauty of incomplete wisdom, the imperfection of a growing mind. I learn a little more every day, and I hope that you will, too.

Charlotte Cuevas


28 thoughts on “Today Is My 25th Birthday!

  1. Wish you a very Happy Birthday….God Bless…

    I was delighted to read this write up….primarily because, it is tough to think and then write on you birthday about how you are actually feeling.

    The last paragraph is penned well.

    Take care and Stay Blessed.

  2. Happy Birthday! I remember 25… it was only four years ago but having celebrated my 29th last week it feels like a life time ago. Congratulations on your achievements so far 🙂

  3. Happy birthday! Don’t let the psychology of 5 years get to you. You’re one day older than yesterday. One second separates 24 from 25 – the second before midnight. Enjoy it; it was a good year for me. =)

  4. Happy Birthday. You are embarking on the greatest leg of your journey through womanhood. It wasn’t till after my 25th birthday that I truely began to know myself.
    God Bless you on your path.
    Your a beautiful writer, and you have blessed my life with your words.

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