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Day 296 – Pale Blue Dot

Somewhere outside of existence
there was, and is, and always will be

And love held a universe in his hands-
fathomless, numberless, powerless-
and he laughed to breathe out stars,
delighted to design
his perfection.

But he said to his son in earnest:
“There’s one pale blue dot down there
which is my favorite,
one speck of dust I’ve made
whose whole history
was done and forgotten
in a second,
but most precious to me-
to whom I’ve given my heart-
and they need you to save them.”

And by the time the response was formed
I had already lived and died
and the dot had hurt through
all it ever would,

but because he knew my name
in all creation, he came-

“Yes, father”
to the pale blue dot.


5 thoughts on “Day 296 – Pale Blue Dot

  1. This is so cool. A unique way of sharing the good news of God. Thanks Charlotte 🙂 i always appreciate how these poems slow me down during my sometimes buys day… thank you.

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