Home » Poetry » Day 300 – Birth Of Dreams

Day 300 – Birth Of Dreams

Let your dreams die, oh, let them go
and do not dig them up.
Empty your heart every day and never
attempt to fill it back up.

For if you draw breath in sequence,
moment to moment, you must believe
that you will find all the air you’ll need
rushing to fill your lungs.

You do not spur your blood on its course,
you do not lengthen your bones;
so do not scour the Earth to find
what passion would fuel your soul.

As night falls on the horizon
which cannot help but to swell with dark,
so, too, is life satisfied endlessly
with the unfailing birth of dreams.

It is when we try to stay the sun
that our frailty is felt, and more,
that as we watch our dreams expire
a thousand more are formed.


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