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Day 301 – Songs I Remember

There were songs I believed in,
I always did,
that lodged themselves deep
in my heart.

There was someone who wrote
the words I felt,
and to me they were perfect,
were true.

There are lyrics that haunt me,
that I can’t sing,
but which linger forever
in my mind.

There’s someone so happy now
that words fall away,
and I never would hinder
that love.

But there’s still a world
who needs those songs,
at least one person who misses
those words.

And there’s still one person
carrying on
who remembers the strength
that they gave.

There’s still one person
who writes for us both,
who will carry those words
to the grave.


6 thoughts on “Day 301 – Songs I Remember

  1. Reblogged this on NDPworld and commented:
    I’ve reblogged this not only because lyric writing interests me greatly but also because of the way this poem reminds us of how intrinsically connected music is to memory, in such a neat manner.

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