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Day 306 – Pink Lemonade

A lemon is a lemon forever;
decay doesn’t sweeten the deal.
All seeds, all pulp, all harder,
softer rind
are destined for winces,
tongues out.

And lemons cry
in the middle of the night
to be awfully all they are.

But pink lemonade is miraculous,
what you can make
when you really try-

you can deal softer blows
and kiss in puckers.


2 thoughts on “Day 306 – Pink Lemonade

  1. A really love the imagery and language of the first stanza in particular. Beautifully evocative and yet personal. It definitely connects with me … thank you.

  2. Really liked this. So many of us women think ourselves lemons–at least for some part of our lives–and go through stanza 2. (Many take it out on other women when envy is felt.)

    But do you think those ugly stepsisters cried at night? I don’t think they did..

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