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Day 307 – Rain Is Coming

No one’s walking any faster
though the thunder rolls,
broils its fury
over this metropolis

The squirrels hurry home
but the shopping bags
still swing,
move along like ticking clocks
which feel no pain

There’s no fear
of only water
and no thought
to pause the day,
stall a life
which begins and ends
with rain

There will never be a reason
to fear what’s almost here,
but them,
they won’t hear it
’til it’s there


7 thoughts on “Day 307 – Rain Is Coming

    • I always strive to give my poems multiple layers. I’ve been at it for a long time, so you can rest assured that whatever deeper meaning you’re detecting was placed there on purpose. Rarely do I write anything in purely literal terms. I’m just super glad that perceptive people like you pick up on it; it makes what I do so much more fulfilling 🙂

  1. To me the rain stands for pain and suffering ..How we go on about our lives inspite of seeing the innumerable problems around us! Would love to know your thoughts on the same . 🙂 lovely blog!

    • I seldom like to give interpretations of my poems because I like to let you get out of it what you will without me ruining it. This poem obviously can be taken several ways, both literally and figuratively, but since you asked I will oblige.

      On the literal side, this poem is about living in Florida during the summer where it constantly rains and everyone gets so used to it that they hardly notice anymore. I was sitting in a park this weekend facing a shopping center and just people-watching, and it was very obviously about to rain. People have these tiny fold-out umbrella things stashed away just in case, but the worst thunder and lightning doesn’t stop anybody from shopping, doesn’t make them walk any faster or even look at the sky.

      There’s no fear of storms here, it seems, which bothers me. The boldness of man to be unhindered by the fierceness of nature is something I don’t like to see.

      Figuratively it can be taken in a more spiritual way, almost prophetic, as SiriusOryon noted above, and as you have also reiterated. Rain can be symbolic of impending trouble or pain, in which case this poem can be a lament that mankind does not stop and notice what’s coming, doesn’t even care. On a more optimistic note, however, rain also can represent blessings, the good fortune which brings growth to crops and sustains us. So you could take this poem as a reproach against taking the blessings of life for granted.

      Conversely, as you have stated, this poem can even be a celebration of optimism, ignoring the troubles of life and continuing to live as normal in the midst of it all. I don’t particularly favor that interpretation, but it is a valid one.

      See what I mean about writing in layers? There’s usually a lot more going on than I like to spoon-feed to the masses 😉

      • Thank you so much . Love your thoughts. 🙂 I’ll keep in mind not to ask for interpretations next time. You are right about that 🙂

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