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Day 308 – Baby Girl

While you’re bleedin’ your heart out
to this dyin’ world
there are people who don’t want it,
baby girl,
there are people who cross you out.

Do you know how beautiful
you are?

While you’re singin’ your sorrows,
all the wisdom you’ve earned
with the muscles in your back,
tight and strained,

baby girl,
do you know you’re alright?

Baby girl, do you see
all those people you’ve loved
float away and dismiss
your bright aims,
and do you hold tight,
will you keep keepin’ on
in spite of no one listenin’,
no one there?

Ah baby girl, you’re more than a story
that ends upon receipt of her prize,
for when lightbulbs blow in other towns
you will rise in the morning,
you’ll rise.


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