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Day 313 – How To Write A Poem

If you wanna write a poem,
it’s super easy.

There’s really only so much
dressing up you can do
with the same things
over and over.

Just think about your day
and pick out something good
or something bad
and describe it.
But use words that aren’t
that often seen in print
because you will want to be
unique and say things differently
than everyone else.

That’s one way to do it.

You can also tell a story,
one that points out some
inconsistency of life or
something true that
doesn’t make sense.
Or something that will
make people sad, because
people love to cry.

But the very easiest way
is to give advice.
Figure out a problem
that people might have
and then tell them how
to fix it,
like what I am doing
right now.

If you want to make it
more meaningful advice,
tell them the opposite
of what you mean to say
so they will really understand
what you don’t mean
and that you’re
just kidding,
but they’ll get the hint
about what you do mean.

It’s not lying if you do it
in a way that makes it mean
something else.

But I’m not using that trick
when I tell you:
don’t ever write haiku.


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