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Day 322 – Young Poetry

So honest, so direct,
so ambitiously penned,
so irrevocably bad.

I’ll find an old scrap of paper,
feel the wash of expired passion,
cringe at what I was trying to say,
and die a little inside.

There’s a place for all my young poetry,
there’s a basket I’ve labeled just so
for the words I fought for the right to express
that should’ve passed out of mind.

Yet sometimes I think of my numbered years
and whether they will bring enough growth
to keep me grimacing, enough to keep
me marching humbly on.


3 thoughts on “Day 322 – Young Poetry

  1. *…cringe a little at what I was trying to say and die a little inside…*
    Simple yet carries so much weight. I’ve felt so many times I picked my phone to type a piece for my blog. So much honesty I want to let out but somethings just can’t go public.

    I also want to say you’ve been doing an awesome work with you #365poetryproject. Get everyone of your posts on my email and share as much as I can with my poet roomie and others. Keep it up

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