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Day 325 – Slammed Down

Your sense of justice rages
like the sands curse the waves on the beach-
the catastrophe keeps on keeps on coming
and it isn’t fair.

Slammed down,
face-first in the water,
gasp for half a mouthful of air before
slammed down,
lungs coated in salt, limbs helplessly
flung like a doll’s, any way,
a second’s respite’s almost hope until
slammed down
and you swear you’ll never trust
any water, any lover, anyone,
because as soon as you start to believe,
slammed down,
you’re reminded that you can’t win

and a lull will come, and you’ll be tense.
They’ll tell you to let down your guard.
And by this time, while you suffocate
you’ll almost smile-

you can’t bring a storm with your attitude,
and you can’t stop it. It isn’t your fault
that you know what to wait for,
that you’ll always be
slammed down.


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