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Day 328 – The Fire Is Going Out

You said to write with fire
but the fire is going out
and will you blame me
when I’ve nothing left to say?

I have learned to walk alone
and I have burned as great a flame
as any mortal’d ever dared
to set loose.

I have given of myself,
my secret treasures to the world,
but I am tired and can no more
find the strength.

You who were my friend could say
that I should carry on,
but what are words coming from
an empty seat?

You who disappeared and took
all kindredness with you,
left me forging on ahead
and wondering why-

why should I continue on,
when I’m the only one?
Why should I not take my dues
and settle down?

How long must I keep at it
while the mentor who believed
has gone away, has found
another song to sing?

While the fire wanes, I hear the voice
which long ago helped it light,
reminding me that I never write
in vain.

And oh, but that were true,
or that you’d blame me in the least,
even notice when at last the fire
goes out.


10 thoughts on “Day 328 – The Fire Is Going Out

  1. Don’t you dare stop now. You’re almost home free. You set a lofty goal…an arduous one, but to reach it will be rewarding. At the end zone you will have a book ready to publish.

  2. I certainly loved the poem and can very readily identify with it. The valued lesson I see here is that we can only truly depend upon our own selves, and even then, only temporarily. Perhaps you need to be in search of new information, excitement, adventure, etc.. When I get depressed, I watch T.V.

  3. I love your poem. It’s poignant and I can really identify with it. But I must remind you, you loosed as much fire as mortal can… But what if you are not mortal but more powerful than you can imagine. Push past your limits, you might crash and burn out or you might just…soar.

    • Hot damn, that might be the most inspiring comment I’ve ever received.

      You’re absolutely right, and I needed to hear that. Sometimes it’s hard not having that constant support from someone you admire and trust, but so far I’ve been marching onward just fine. Just need a boost every now and then.

      Thank you very much 🙂

      • As a fellow poet/writer I know exactly where you are. I’ve had people pick me up and I’m just glad I was able to be a little help. I’m sure in the future you’ll be able to encourage someone else 🙂

        I look forward to checking out more of your work!

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