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Day 329 – Candy Pizza

Someone’s in the kitchen with Jesse,
making candy pizza.

They laugh like the children they were,
who wouldn’t have been allowed
to eat that stuff:

maraschino pepperoni
on coconut cheese
on a nostalgia crust.

“Diabetes be damned,
this one’s for ol’ Ma!”
and they add more
and more and more.

Jesse feels a twinge of remorse
as she’s clutching her belly in pain
and her playmate dashes home
with the same regret.

She swears she’s not so grown up anymore
or maybe she needs to be,
but after all she’s young
and when the pain subsides

someone new is in the kitchen with Jesse,
making candy pizza.


4 thoughts on “Day 329 – Candy Pizza

  1. Hey I was just wondering, what does it mean by “someone new is in the kitchen…” Does it mean what it says, about childhood, or something else?

    • This poem’s about doing things you weren’t allowed to do as a kid, and then realizing there was a reason you weren’t allowed… because they’re just actually not a good idea.

      I don’t want to spoil it for you, but think about any other reasons why a girl’s belly would be in pain, and when her playmate runs away, she’s right back to the same thing with someone new…

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