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Day 343 – Tokens

What about a thousand poems,
a stew of the heartstrings, mangled,
each square word cut from paper
flung from the windows
above the parade-

What about ten thousand photographs
lined up from end to end
a march of moments,
a timeline stretched
over the sunless sea-

What about a pair of snow boots,
useless, forgotten, unforgiven,
in the back of your closet
where your tokens lie,
the things you will forget-

What do you do with the proof
that you were ever someone else,
that you were a token
in someone’s life
and they, long ago, in yours?


2 thoughts on “Day 343 – Tokens

  1. I’m quite enamored of this one. Sometimes you wake up and you just know, “Oh this is going to hurt; today I’ll have to wring out something that hurts.”

    And those, though rare, are my favorites.

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