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Day 346 – Somebody Else’s Art

I always tell those kids on the street
not to steal anybody else’s art.

And I say ‘don’t call feelings up on the phone,
dig ’em out with your fingernails.’

It is never enough.

Just as fast as I’d steal your boyfriend
I’d steal your art:

I wouldn’t.

I won’t (and please don’t)
pretend that you can’t like
things you don’t understand.

Sometimes I only like nonsense
because I can’t understand everything there is,
and that’s exactly how everything is.

And I tell you it’s never enough
to take somebody else’s art
and pretend you feel it.

Somebody’s art may get dragged in your mess
but you gotta pick your scabs yourself.


3 thoughts on “Day 346 – Somebody Else’s Art

  1. I love how sometimes these poems are so mysterious and I as a reader (and I am sure many others) have no clue… what you’re talking about… haha 🙂

    • There are times when I have something I think is important for the world to hear and understand, so I’ll make it poignant and a little easier to grasp. Poems like If You’re Gonna Be Lonely, Don’t Be Stupid, Too are generally well-liked because, I think, they are pretty easy to read and get the point. They are what I refer to as “Every-Man poems.”

      But sometimes when I’m grappling with something private within myself, and I don’t necessarily have anything to say to the world about it but I need to process it out of my mind through poetry, I’ll end up with something like this poem. Other people reading it can take what they will out of it, and I know there are certain interpretations that will be different from what I intended, but that’s okay. I always love hearing interpretations and sometimes they make me laugh because they’re so far from what I meant, but they’re nonetheless valid.

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