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Day 351 – On The Cusp Of Autumn

On the cusp of autumn
the world is opening, opening,
the road is hurrying to meet
those intrepid feet which dared to dance
alone in dark cobblestone streets.

There’s a chill which is coming
to change the air, to entice out the dreamers
to climb a midnight stair
and join the regalia of starlight,
the fast-burning joy of the night.

This is the prize for those who have worked
long days amid summer’s rage,
against temptation’s shade, empty winds
that seethe and blow sand
through the trees.

A reprieve has been granted for us,
it is here-
by the grasp of our faith have we come-
at last, to the harvest, to the cooling moon,
to breathe in bigger dreams
for next year.


12 thoughts on “Day 351 – On The Cusp Of Autumn

  1. Wonderful. This project you’ve embarked on is not to be taken lightly, and you’ve gotten much further than my attempt at a “sketch-a-day”. Keep it up!

  2. I shared your words with my Facebook friends I was so touched by them. Congratulations on a project well done. You are an inspiration to those of us who prefer to wallow, whine, and in ever sense die slowly; alone.

  3. I love autumn for the falling of leaves.
    I have been inspired to release my own 40 day poetry challenge linked with Instagram 🙂

    thanks for the inspiration of this project of yours 🙂

    • Autumn is definitely my favorite season, I just get so excited that summer’s finally over!
      That’s so awesome that you’re starting your own poetry challenge- I hope it brings you much enjoyment and growth!

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