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Day 352 – “I Don’t Want That Life”

Bah, they don’t believe me
when I tell ’em that, though-
they laugh and keep pushing
up a steep, steep hill
that a man is a fool to climb.

I can’t feed anybody.

But they think that lipstick
is an invitation and I
focus on keeping my mouth shut.

I close the barn door
on my incredulous rap sheet,
content with the scenarios
I struck this deal to avoid,
knowing that if ever one word was leaked
my stronghouse of mercied secrets
would fall.

I hear them whisper,
I hear them sneer.

I stand by my champions
of quiet and work,
though I know there are more sublime pursuits,
more picking apart all the loners who insist-
“I don’t want that life.”


5 thoughts on “Day 352 – “I Don’t Want That Life”

    • This is a sister poem to “Poor Thing” from the other day. They are from opposite perspectives. But I generally try to give each poem multiple meanings/perspectives.

      From MY personal life, this poem is about how I can be perfectly content as a strong single woman, but most of my peers don’t believe it, and men keep trying to prove me a liar. And it’s about the struggle of keeping your mouth shut because the more you protest that you’re so so happy, the more it starts to sound like you’re not.

      BUT I also like to read it from the perspective of a recovering prostitute, just for fun and added depth 😉

  1. Great work!!
    I am really thankful to you for having added my blog and also the way you present your views about life and your inner thoughts with words is really awesome.
    These are manifestation of your inner soul, of what you are real inside.

    I will be highly obliged by comments and criticism by a seasoned blogger and poet like you.
    Thank you once again.

  2. “I can’t feed anybody” especially when all I want to do is write, write and write some more to get my thoughts across. Enjoyed reading your blog. Thanks for supporting mine. Look forward to your comments. Happy Writing! Melba

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