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Day 354 – You Were Dying

You were dying when you found me-
how’d you even find me?
You were dying when I bought that leather jacket.

You knew you were searching,
you warned me yourself,
came shopping for me when I was shopping, too.

What could I have done to heal you?
Did you think I’d had that jacket my whole life?

I had barely clipped the price tag off
when you wandered in and took me for
somebody who could love you back to life.

By now I guess you figured how to resurrect yourself-
I don’t even have that jacket anymore-
but the closet, the closet remembers the stench
of the dying you brought with you.


7 thoughts on “Day 354 – You Were Dying

  1. I like everything about this poem — the story, the way you composed each line, and the way the poem ends, and “the stench of the dying you brought with you.” Memorable.

  2. Hey 🙂 Thanks for visiting me at the imAgine RooM. Great poems here, I especially like the one about autumn … atmospheric! Good luck with the book project, I’ll be looking out for the latest news!

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