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Another Chance to Win a Copy of Candy Pizza: What’s YOUR Favorite Poem?

I’m still taking submissions for my Labor Day Book Giveaway, so you can still try to guess what my top 3 favorite poems are and win a free copy of Candy Pizza (to be released September 9th!) So far only one of them has been guessed, so you still have a shot!

But if you’re looking for an easier way to win, here it is: comment below and tell me YOUR favorite of my poems and I’ll pick 3 random winners 🙂 I’m also just super interested to know which poems have stuck out to you. Hopefully I crammed all your favorites in Candy Pizza!

candy pizza


8 thoughts on “Another Chance to Win a Copy of Candy Pizza: What’s YOUR Favorite Poem?

  1. These are the ones I think are your favorite:
    Day 62 – Whatever Oblivion Suits You Best
    Day 138 – If You’re Gonna Be Lonely, Don’t Be Stupid, Too
    Day 356 – A Portrait As She’d Wish You To Remember Her

    My favorite is:
    Day 301 – Songs I Remember

    There were songs I believed in,
    I always did,
    that lodged themselves deep
    in my heart.

    There was someone who wrote
    the words I felt,
    and to me they were perfect,
    were true.

    There are lyrics that haunt me,
    that I can’t sing,
    but which linger forever
    in my mind.

    There’s someone so happy now
    that words fall away,
    and I never would hinder
    that love.

    But there’s still a world
    who needs those songs,
    at least one person who misses
    those words.

    And there’s still one person
    carrying on
    who remembers the strength
    that they gave.

    There’s still one person
    who writes for us both,
    who will carry those words
    to the grave.

    I couldn’t decide between this one or 358- Prince, but I think this one is definitely my favorite.

  2. These are three that spoke to me and were saved in My Charlotte Cuevas Personal File~
    Day 268 ~ Where The Conversation Ends
    Day 276 ~ More Loss Than Hadn’t You Play
    Day 297 ~ No Reason At All
    Thank you for the outpouring of your Soulwork ~ Amen :Y

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