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Contest Winners!

For my first book giveaway I asked you to try to guess one of my top 3 favorite poems. They are:

1) Day 135 – Sunflowers
2) Day 101 – Solomon’s Kids
3) Day 64 – Do Not Wander Back Into That Dark Night

All 3 poems are featured in my upcoming collection, Candy Pizza: Poetry’s that’s Fun and Healthy.

candy pizza

Unfortunately, nobody guessed them! So I decided to use the 3 copies I promised for that contest and give them instead to participants in the second book giveaway. I asked you to tell me your favorite of my poems, so I put all those people in a hat and chose 6 at random. The winners are:

1) Lydia Thomas
2) vesselsministry
3) Annette Rochelle Aben
4) lonestarjake88
5) lissygonzalez
6) Darrel H

If one of those people is you, please contact me through fb or email me at charlotte.cuevas@yahoo.com with your shipping info!

Thanks to everyone for participating 🙂



4 thoughts on “Contest Winners!

  1. thank YOU! I am so excited and am emailing you my shipping info… this is so nice and I promise you I will post a review for you as well as share your work with my friends! Cheers

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