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Love Poem for the Sadness

In the evenings I hear my vertebrae crack,
applause, accepting that consolation prize
in grim silence,
in grin’s solace,
in the low of secret trippings of harp strings,
however contradictory,
beautiful on deaf ears.

I sing with the pain as with the fury,
as with the written nuances of joy.

I hear the underwater snapping of pieces,
muffled by an ocean and wrapped in flesh
quiet by virtue of uniformity,
quiet by virtue of reality,
and quiet by virtue of reverence.

I should’ve asked the hopping bluebird
if his lot was mean to bear
before the crushing of his head had foiled his helping-
his jaw and mine and the cat’s all still
before daylight.

But I know that brimstone doesn’t spoil in the heat
as angel-milk bestowed to lube aching joints,
and I have eaten my share of birds-

we are all hurtled to Earth
on breaking bones.


10 thoughts on “Love Poem for the Sadness

  1. Hi Charlotte, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this poem. Thanks for liking one of mine by the way. I was just wondering if you had any tips/advice for a newbie poet/blogger like myself?

    • Write as much as you can. Read as much as you can, from people you like and from people you don’t like. Don’t bother with writing classes or self-help books because no one can teach you how to be yourself. Also, go to the mall by yourself and listen to random people’s conversations.

      • Awesome advice! I’ll just be myself! Thanks 🙂 And that’s a weird one but I’ll keep that in mind about going to the mall to eavesdrop

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