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There wasn’t any luck in my life
until it was over.

And then I saw dozens of husbands,
hundreds of children,
editors who’d changed their minds,
drivers who’d swerved just a bit to the right,
to the right of the record
of one time.

I saw myself die every day of my life
and farther than I have lived,
past inventions of science
that kept me there
to die in a thousand more ways.

I saw and have lived a maze of possibilities,
of possible ways I could have lived
if only I had lived them.

So the sacredness of it all is in the score,
the hidden numbers which calculate
to even out in the end;
so the fairness concrete,
so the balanced scales take note
of an expanding labyrinth
of story.

There was luck on the sidelines,
beyond my reach,
and there wasn’t-
no more, no less.

And there were great evils
beneath my feet,
and there weren’t-
no more, no less.


3 thoughts on “Luck

  1. Charlotte,

    I’ve read quite a few of your poems, and this one ranks among my favorites. The themes of this poem are very much at the heart of my first novel I’ve been writing for the last two years. It’s been inspiring to have someone my age show up in my email everyday and make me feel less alone in my writing. Thank you, and good luck getting published!


    • You know what, Charlie? You hit on something that I seldom admit but know is true: one of the biggest reasons I write is because I can’t let go of the belief that there are people out there who think the way I do, if only I could find them. I send every piece out into cyberspace with the hope that somebody in the world understands what I’m trying to say. It’s super gratifying to hear you say that you do, and I’m glad I could make you feel less alone, because you just did the same for me 🙂

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