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You Win, World: The Return Of The 365 Poetry Project

It’s been a month since the end of my 365 Poetry Project, and to be quite honest it’s been awful. I know I said I needed a break, and I really did, but I’ve been a heartbroken wet bird without poetry. I thought maybe I’d get past the normal postpartum of finishing a project, but it’s not going away and I don’t think it will. I tried to supplement it with flash fiction (which I do love) but poetry and short stories are two different beasts, one of which I miss dearly.

So I’ve decided to give up trying to fight it- poetry is a part of me now and forever and I’m giving it another go. But I think the break has done me some good; the two or three poems I’ve written during the hiatus have been of a different quality and I like that. I think it has to do with the flash I’ve been writing lately, since poetry and prose often require two different thought processes that can be brought together in various ways. I’ve spent some time breathing and flexing the prose muscles, which in turn, I think, has made the poetry muscles that much stronger.

That being said, I’m not giving up on flash. I’m interested in seeing how I can make the two work together in new ways. So the 52 Flashes of Fiction project will still be in effect and I’ll simultaneously be working on The 365 Poetry Project: Year 2, starting tomorrow. (And yes, that’s going to mean 2 more books, hollaaa!) I’m not getting any younger and I have a world to conquer, y’know?!

I hope you’ll stick around to see the results, it’s gonna be another fun year 🙂



23 thoughts on “You Win, World: The Return Of The 365 Poetry Project

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    • That may work for some people, but over the last month I’ve only written 3 poems, and that’s not enough for me. My days are very busy so they have to be structured, and if I don’t set aside a time to write I just won’t ever get to it. I’ve seen what the disciplined practice has done for me over the past year and I’m eager to push onward.

  2. If anything could make me feel better while fighting horrible headaches and bronchitis, that will do it. Yay! I’m doing a happy dance right now… gently… quietly…

  3. Hey there :). Thank you for following along on my “wrting/expressive/self-discovery” journey :-). It is inspiring to have support from others as I explore this path in my life. Best wishes on your year two!

    Kindest regards,

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