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Year 2: Day 18 – That Worm

We all can tell
what you’ve got-
a squirming itch
you can’t shake.

The skin on your chest
around your heart
is raked like a Japanese garden,

the rawness of your eyes
like a matador flag,

the hookah smoke streaming
from your head,

and you can’t stop

It’s no disease you chose to have
but you could cure it in a word,
one of empathy for anybody else-

but you stubborn intellectual,
you know what is best
and you’ll never
rid yourself
of that worm.


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3 thoughts on “Year 2: Day 18 – That Worm

  1. This is not quite a “worm” but when I saw your title of this poem i thought of this song by Dear Reader – Mole:

    living in the ground must be quite something…

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