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Year 2: Day 33 – Pandora’s Box

The seas have been steady
for a blessed long time-
the boats don’t rock,
the rockin’ don’t stop,
party of one,
Queen of Blue Skies,
gettin’ it done.
In a doo-rag,
cleaning her boat,
shouting a song.

She wouldn’t touch Pandora’s box.
She doesn’t need it.

But a man on the water
comes and turns the volume down
so she can hear all the emptiness
for miles around.

And he says, “What if we’re not meant
to be safe and sound,
what if we’re vessels
that belong tossed and turned
on the waves?”

And she says, “Yeah I bet you think
that we all need Pandora’s box?”

And he says, “How can we love
without it?”

And the Queen of Blue Skies
has to decide whether love
is an adventure
worth bothering with.

And the Queen of Blue Skies
sighs and waves to the shore
as she grudgingly follows
the man out to sea.


7 thoughts on “Year 2: Day 33 – Pandora’s Box

  1. This reminds me of that wonderful song, “it’s the heart afraid of breaking that never takes the chance”. I, for one believe that we live for those few but precious moments of love and pleasure. Beautiful poem.

  2. Charlotte, this is perfect, or at least perfect for this Queen of Blue Skies at the moment…off to drink my wine, pull my hair back (just not in a doo rag) and clean my refrigerator…

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