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Year 2: Day 36 – Salad Bar

don’t invite friends
to a salad bar.

What kind of bar
is that?

After we’ve been sitting around
pouring our hearts out
about the unfair standards of clothing sizes
and the outrageous expense
of gym memberships
and society’s expectations
for what our bodies should look like
and putting flavors in our water bottles
to make ourselves drink more
and we’re trying to teach our kids
about loving themselves
no matter their size

it’s just exhausting.
And we deserve donuts,
I believe.


6 thoughts on “Year 2: Day 36 – Salad Bar

  1. Spinach. You deserve spinach! No matter what size they call it, if it fits you, you wear it. Society can’t determine to put one foot in front of the other yet. Running or swimming is free. And there’s more scenery, with less carbon dioxide. How does one love ones self with low self esteem? Live how you please. I merely point out that backward living brings backward results…

  2. I achieved quite a lot at work today, and even stayed on late. I was starving, so I bought a donut to eat on the bus going home to my ready meal of Mediterranean chicken. It’s all about the balance 🙂

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