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Year 2: Day 41 – Brains Are Bullies Sometimes

Brains are bullies sometimes-
they want want want
when we’re just trying
to exist ok.

What kind of decisions
can we make
under pressure of death

Don’t ask me, brain-
I’m just a piece of licorice
or a penguin eraser.

don’t try to get
anything concrete
out of me,

just help me play
chess for fun
because at the end of that
nobody actually dies
and nobody wins more
than a piece of licorice
or a penguin eraser

and don’t steal it
out of my lunchbox


7 thoughts on “Year 2: Day 41 – Brains Are Bullies Sometimes

  1. Nice! Our brain are dangerous tools. Reminds me of a joke I once heard. “I once believed the brain is the most sophisticated and amazing creation in the all universe. Until I realized where this thought is coming from”.

  2. Haha right you are! I can relate to this whenever I’m about to write something and then I just blank out. Or when I have a proper nice idea in mind one moment and then the next it’s gone forever, no matter how hard I try to remember. My brain is such a heap of scrap sometimes.

  3. With your poetry there is always one line which leaps off the page for me. Like the one line is embraced by the beginning and conclusion and therefore embracing. In this poem I could identify intimately with the impulsiveness implied in “what kind of decision can we make under the threat of death?” Certainly there have been too many decisions based on my ‘brain bullying’ me to consume as much as possible because that is the only way to woo [“I’m Harmless”] myself with a satisfaction. But then I turned this question inside out, ‘What kind of decision can we make with no threat at all?’ I believe it would be a complacent decision, because it wouldn’t matter. Life would have little importance.
    I will never forget a line from a movie that I only needed to see once because the violent nature of this film is not entertainment but rather a scope, and given that lens, it is unnecessary to repeat the story to remember. The movie was “The Causalities of War,” and in it, the Michael J. Fox character says something like this, [I am paraphrasing] “people are walking around here thinking that because they can die at any moment that it doesn’t matter what they do; they can do whatever they want. No. I believe it is the other way around, that because we can die at any moment it matters more what we do.”
    I hope it is worthy to say, that I believe it all comes down to the inflection of thought on the one word “threat”, that if death is only to be feared, then the choices will be impulsive, bent on consuming as much as possible and yet still be unsatisfied. But if death is considered a mystery, as being that quintessential element that which makes life absolutely precious then all choices, good and bad, can be beautified and seen as not being made in vain. To know that the hardships were not in vain, there is the satisfaction beyond taste and imagery.

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