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Year 2: Day 58 – She Didn’t See Me Do It

Outside Walmart on a chilly night
I heard the tinkling sound of a bell
and immediately was seized
with a feeling of shame

Dressed in a frumpy red vest there sat
another of those actors hired to put on
a show of desolation
to guilt me out of a buck

And usually it works- I can’t walk past
and keep my dignity intact
while some sad sack in a Santa hat
keeps ringing for the poor

So I dutifully pull from my wallet
a fiver from between some twenties,
about to do some good,
to heal the world

But the woman wasn’t watching,
she didn’t see me do it,
she never saw my goodwill
leave my hand

Next time I see her (and I probably will)
I bet she’s gonna give me the sad eyes again
because she doesn’t know
I already gave

So I wonder what in the world’s the use
of charity acts for conscience relief
if they just go unnoticed,
if nobody ever sees?


9 thoughts on “Year 2: Day 58 – She Didn’t See Me Do It

  1. You know you gave and that’s the main thing isn’t it? That feeling you get inside from helping someone…although a little smile or nod from ‘Santa’ would’ve been nice!
    Good on you for giving 🙂 ….and for your thought provoking poem.

  2. You are exercising factitiousness, right? I mean, I expect you to know that the charitable act is only charitable when the good is of itself. (?) I believe you would know that a charitable act IS only charitable if it is unobserved. I apologize if I am reading this selection incorrectly, but the depth of your work has always lead me to observe that you know quality over quantity and I am only concerned that the question here encourages others to halt charity if they do not receive applause, where any recognition in applause negates the root value of charity. The benefit to you is doing good for the good, which will return to you, and can only be evoked if it is unwitnessed. But I believe you know that, and I apologize for perhaps presuming another topic here.

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