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Year 2: Day 91 – At The Bookstore

In the poetry section
at the bookstore,
I can never find anything I like.

You got some kinda nerve, kid.

Nobody’s written what I want to read
or they don’t carry it
at the bookstore,
so I’m writing it myself.

Kid, who do you think you are?

I know, I know.
I’m sayin’ Shakespeare’s dead
and you wanna kill me.
I’m sayin’ Maya’s cliche
but I should be so lucky.
I’m sayin’ even ol’ Buk
had one too many horse races,
and venerable monks got nothin’ to do
with me.

You ain’t gonna get far, kid.
You ain’t grateful to your parents.

Well they ain’t gonna miss me, either,
at the bookstore.
‘Cause if I only got one reader,
it’s ’cause I finally found one writer.


3 thoughts on “Year 2: Day 91 – At The Bookstore

  1. Inventive format for a conversation.
    Certainly an issue most readers face, whatever the genre. Every once in a while you find the perfect novel or poetry book. But the amazement eventually end and you’re left again looking for another piece to fill the need. We need to discover our own classics, different than the generations before ours.

  2. You speak the very conversations I have had with myself just before considering to push “publish.” But in this way you have expressed, it surely amounts to something more then just chatter in my thoughts and helps clear some of the noise. This seem far more significant of poetry then all that flowery nonsense that speaks more for reader to recognize the author, then for the author to be in recognition of their readers. And that, to me, orchestrates what is real of poetry. I truly enjoy your originality and verve.

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