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Year 2: Day 92 – Cacophony Sisters

Ten million wrought-iron women
march in Sephora and gold
lugging their wheeled makeup-carriages

Can’t run. Heels.
Can’t fight. Nails.
Thousands in the can
for all the chemicals they’re worth
and still not worth
that much.

And these are not the giant metallic idols
casting shadows over the land-
these are the cacophony sisters,
common as sand and just as brief,
born of insanity,
raised with just one hope:
to peal and rattle and sound.

They’re following the scent of roasting flesh,
they chat amongst themselves of artificial glory,
and the din of vanity is growing too much
for rational minds to bear.

Who could halt these daughters of discord,
who could stop their shrieking laughter in the streets?
Who with unwaxed eyebrows could get in a single word
to stifle the clamor of their wailing and empty decrees-

who could speak the truth to drones who will not hear it
over the roar they’re creating to silence themselves?


13 thoughts on “Year 2: Day 92 – Cacophony Sisters

  1. This whole poem is so powerful and real. I love the whole thing, but there are a couple things that I find working so, so well with your imagery and metaphor. “Sephora” “wrought-iron women” “lugging” great word. The short, totally punchy first two lines of the second stanza! Those first two stanzas are perfect, setting mood and reflection. All so good, but one of my absolute favorites is “Who with unwaxed eyebrows” is an amazing description that I think those of us who are not Cacophony Sisters will totally get. Of course, those sisters will never get it : ) Such a great experience to read this. Thank you!

    • Thank you 🙂 So nice to know that other women see from my point of view, especially after last night’s ordeal that inspired this poem.
      I certainly didn’t realize I was such an oddball, ironically, until I joined a book club. I was as surprised to find it full of Cacophony Sisters as they were to discover that a human female can in fact live without social media, television, fashion magazines, and boatloads of expensive beauty products.

  2. I confess, the word “cacophy” i almost didnt want to read it…I can be snobby and admit I may have assumed this poem was going to try to show off too much…I am so sorry for bring a brat! 😳 It’s a beautiful recounting of how we can get a little (or a lot) lost as women, being so powerful and beautiful, deep and spiritual in our own right but mistakenly surrendering that for shiny things and clamouring for trivial wants.
    As with all things though, I have found two great things about my beauty queen friends, 1) when I need to dial it up a bit, theyve got my back and help me be more than jeans and a tshirt on picture day. 2) sometimes theres more than meets the eye, they just need the right dounding board. 😉

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