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My “Where To From Here?” Playlist

I finished an entire year of poems. I wrote a book. I’m tossing around ideas for the next one but in the meantime, how do I keep my head from swelling up like a balloon and from getting lazy? I’ll tell you: by stocking up on other peoples’ art that’s better than mine. I could write the world’s longest post for all the books, movies, quotes, and songs I have to devour to keep myself going, but for your benefit I’ll just stick to sharing this neat little playlist. (Partially because I heard the other day some lady saying that music in general gives her headaches and I was like oh no no.)

As far as writing music goes, sometimes you need something serious and deep, while other times you need something spunky and silly, but you always need to surround yourself with good writing. And if you think it’s better than what you could write, well- that’s kindof a good thing, isn’t it? Here’s some stuff that puts the fire under my burners, for various wonderful reasons 🙂

1.) “Shuck” – Purity Ring
2.) “Boots of Spanish Leather” – Bob Dylan
3.) “Shoot the Moon” – Norah Jones
4.) “Something In Common” – Dawes
5.) “Land Locked Blues” – Bright Eyes
6.) “Gun” – Chvrches
7.) “Bitter Poem” – Cold War Kids
8.) “Gucci Gucci” – Kreayshawn
9.) “Raspberry Beret” – Prince & The Revolution
10.) “Cigarette Daydreams” – Cage the Elephant


Suggestions in the comments are always welcome 🙂

Happy writing and reading!


7 thoughts on “My “Where To From Here?” Playlist

  1. I’ll have to listen to some of these songs =)
    I always like putting on “Dawn of the Dead,” the newer version though. Zombie movies, especially B movies, always get me going. The plot twists, and the waiting for someone to get bitten, questions of who is going to turn and attack who, who is going to make it to the end, if any of them do.
    The best part is then looking over the movie and seeing what changes you’d make yourself to make a better story. It helps me think different ^_^

  2. I love what you did last year. Honestly it takes a lot of discipline and effort to achieve that. And I admire how you’re not resting on your oars. Lovely playlist by the way. I’m much of a music head so I’ll want to suggest more than one song. Please try
    The Draw – Bastille
    Oblivion – Bastille

  3. Celtic music, or New Age (both of which puzzle me greatly; could be why a lot of my stories are in forests and stuff, when I grew up in the city… but it works. Past-life channeling? ) Mostly though, I’m able to write in deep silence.

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