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Year 2: Day 112 – Compliments Of The Post

I don’t have one of those mailboxes shaped
like a manatee or a dinosaur
or one with roses painted on it
or the family crest or stars.
It’s plain because it’s just a practical thing.

Whatever mail may come,
I’m not hungry for it.
If nothing comes for me,
it’s just as well.

Some days I get bunches of fan mail
and it’s nice and I read it and smile for a while
and wonder how superstars
ever go so wrong.

All the fan mail goes in the recycling bin
whether for a singer or an author, you know-
I’m sorry to be the one to tell you that.

But the things which make it to the shelf,
the squiggly hand-written notes
which make it as bookmarks,
get stuck under pillows
and pasted in scrapbooks-
the ones that are placed in your hand-

are the ones that never touched
any mailbox.
I think that’s why the superstars
go wrong.


3 thoughts on “Year 2: Day 112 – Compliments Of The Post

  1. I’m not ungrateful; my point is simply that they mean less coming from strangers than they would if they were from the people close to me. It’s a personal thing that I’m still working on, trying to express how weird it feels to receive compliments from faraway readers while feeling alone in my everyday life because I don’t have much support from those around me. I find it difficult to bear sometimes.

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