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Year 2: Day 113 – Mulling

All the wood shavings I threw in the pot with glue;
some glitter and some gravel and I’m
going to make a statue.

I take that mess and put it in the dryer
for weeks and months and years.
All that time I’m thinking to make a statue.

But occasionally I just make little bowls
or I sometimes roll acorns and buttons in
and make doorstops or bookends or pendants.

But the mound I keep cooking for the statue,
keep it rolling in the dryer ’til it’s ready
to take its best shape because
I’m going to make a statue.


4 thoughts on “Year 2: Day 113 – Mulling

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  2. I’m being a bit techno-dumb here, but I can’t find a place to tell you I have nominated you for a Sisterhood of the World award. I like your upfront quirkiness. I hope you will accept the award, the details are over at my latest post. Perhaps you could answer the questions as a poem???!

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